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Use bookmarks to hold a place in a book, and also in your customer's thoughts.

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Bookmarks are useful tools to get a message across, because they are also useful to the intended audience. Each time the book is opened and the reader sees the logo, brand or message on the bookmark is another chance make another impression. Made from sturdy card stock and with options to increase durability, our bookmarks will continue to be useful long past the last page in the book.


While there are several options available, bookmarks are commonly printed in full colour on both sides. The most common order option is to use 14 pt. gloss cardstock in 2” x 7” size.

Marketing Tips

Bookmarks are one of many options for interacting with current and potential clients or customers. These are the kind of items people use in their day-to-day life, so the people you want to reach are more likely to keep and use bookmarks. Bookmarks can be kept by your customers for years, interacting with your business or brand each time they curl up with a good book.

To make your bookmark an effective marketing tool, there are certain design elements that should be incorporated. This includes full colour printing, using your logo, and adding a brief on-brand message or tagline. You may also consider using a QR code on your bookmark to make it link to more information online.

Bookmarks can be handed out at events such as tradeshows or used as a fun giveaway. They can also be sold as a way to generate additional revenue.

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What are the standard dimensions for Bookmarks?

The most common dimensions for Bookmarks are 2" x 6", 2" x 7", and 2" x 8 ".

What kind of paper is Newprint using for Bookmarks?

Available options on our website are 12 pt, 14 pt and 16 pt cardstock.

Can I add rounded corners to Bookmarks?

Yes, Bookmarks with rounded corners are included as an option on the product page.

Can you make Bookmarks with a hole? 

We can deliver Bookmarks with or without a hole, depending on your preferences.

Is there anything special that I should consider when designing Bookmarks to ensure that my files are print-ready?

As with other print products, you should make sure to have bleed and safety margins. If your bookmark will have a hole, make sure there are no important elements in the drilling area. You can download templates that match your selected product specifications from the product page to help you get started. They can be found on the right side of the screen.