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Essential to branding, our Pantone® Business Cards are the perfect tool to maintain your company's identity.

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Business Card Printing with Pantone

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Business Cards are arguably one of the most essential pieces of a company's brand identity. With Pantone® printed Business Cards, you can make sure that the first impression made is consistent with your company's branding. The range of premium cardstocks, from uncoated smooth to laid and lineal, you will be able to find an option to enhance your marketing.

For business cards with Full Colour printing or special effects, please check out our Full Colour Business Cards.


For 1 & 2 colour printing, the most common order selection is 110 lb. cover stock in the 3.5” X 2” size. These business cards are then printed in one or two colours, with the option of Pantone colour, on only the front side (1/0 or 2/0).

This type of business card may not be ideal for all orders. For full colour printing or additional stock choices, you should look at our 4-colour business card options. For an order quantity of 1,000 or less, you may want digital 4-colour cards, or offset printing if ordering a quantity of 1,000 or more. You can order digital magnets or digital plastic if you want magnetic and plastic business cards.

Marketing Tips

Business cards are a tradition. They have become a time-honoured way for people to exchange contact information and give the people an instant visual impression. Because of the small size, you can keep these cards with you all the time, which means you will not miss an opportunity to make a valuable new contact because you left your cards at home.

To make your card more beneficial, you can use it as a tool to transform new contacts into new customers. To do this, you may want to put a coupon or a special offer on the back of your card. While business cards are often handed out in face-to-face interactions, there are many more uses for these.Tucking cards into sales kits and presentation packets is a good idea, and business cards are often put out in public places as a marketing effort.

Regardless of advances in technology, business cards continue to be vital in our digital age. People still need to exchange contact information quickly and easily, and cards facilitate this. Some recipients may enter the information from the card into their smartphone, tablet, or computer manually or by scanning the card and using an app to gather information from it. Including a QR code on your card can provide recipients with even more information about you and your business, brand, or product.

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Turnaround Times

Days of Operation: Mon - Fri

If you order "No Proof, Run As Is", your turnaround time begins as soon as your order begins the impostion process.

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Note: Turnaround times begin when you approve the proof and do not include shipping or mailing times. Please review the site for more details.

Business Card Printing with Pantone FAQ

What is Pantone printing?

Pantone is a propriety ink system that is the industry standard for colour matching and brand colours. Each Pantone ink has a number and a specific recipe so it can be mixed from standard ingredient inks. This ensures that your brand colours will print exactly the same, every time. 

I am not sure how to create Pantone artwork.

Read these two detailed articles on how to create Pantone artwork in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign:

How to create a Pantone ink design in Adobe Illustrator

How to create a Pantone ink design in Adobe InDesign

How do I make sure I choose the paper stock that I want for my Business Cards?

Every product option on our website has a description, which will appear if you hover over the i icon. In case you still can not come to a decision, you can email us and ask us to send you some samples.