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This free-standing banner is the most versatile banner we offer due to its compact size and easy set-up. There are two styles of stand available, each suited to different applications.

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Retractable Banner with Display Stand

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This free-standing banner is the most versatile banner we offer due to its compact size and easy set-up. There are two styles of stand available, each suited to different applications. The economical stand is perfect for trade shows and events, as it is light and quick to put up. The premium stand is a bit heavier and more stable, and is ideal for applications where the stand will not be moved frequently like in a lobby or office. Retractable Banner Stands, also known as a Roll-Up banners are printed on a super smooth synthetic polyethylene material that presents your graphics very well. The large colour gamut will achieve amazing results to make your banner stand out from the crowd.

What comes in the bag: The banner stand comes with your graphics already installed, ready to be pulled out and displayed. You will receive your banner stand with a carrying bag and the pole tucked inside the back of the base.


Make sure to open the banner with 2 hands, while the base is on the ground. The recommended method is to place the stand in front of you with the feet extended. You will then be able to stand on the feet to hold the base down while pulling up on the banner. Be sure to have the pole tucked into the hole on the base before you pull the banner up, so once the full height is achieved all that remains is to hook the top of the pole into the groove on the banner. As long as you’re careful, both when setting them up and taking them down, your banner should have a long life.

We are frequently asked if you can replace the graphics from your existing stand. The short answer is yes, but we do not recommend it as it can be difficult and may not look as good as installing the graphics in a new stand. If you have the experience or are willing to take a chance, you can order replacement graphics from our smooth banner page. Be sure to choose 33x80 as your final size.

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Retractable Banner with Display Stand FAQ

What are the specs for file setup for the retractable banner (bleed, slug)?

Bleed is 0.125", and slug is 0. Leave a 2" margin for the top and bottom and 1" left and right.

Important text should remain within the margins, and the bleeds, which are the background colours and images, should be extended to the bleed border outside the trim edge.

If you plan on moving it around a bit, we would recommend choosing the economical retractable banner, as the premium is a little heavier and more for long term setup.

What material is the banner made of?

The material is matte vinyl.

Can you help me understand how to design the banner? Or do you offer design services?

To do the design yourself, you would need a design software, like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. You can download a design template from our website to help you get started.

We do offer design services. If you tell us the size of the banner and what would you like to have on it, we can provide you with a design quote.