Government of Canada

Government of Canada

Newprint is proud to have the Government of Canada as one of our clients. Conducting business with the government is a testament to the high quality work we provide.

Supply Arrangement with the Government of Canada

We are familiar with the precise printing standards and guidelines issued by the Canadian Government and provide our printing services for several major government departments. As a long established printing company staffed by a highly professional experienced team, we are more than capable of executing these rigorous requirements. We make sure to adhere to these standards when we conduct business with all of our government clients, and we also use these high standards as benchmarks for our own internal quality requirements for every single project we engage in, no matter who the customer may be.

We currently hold a supply arrangement with the Public Works Government Services of Canada or PWGSC. The supply arrangement qualification we hold is EN578-121812/018/CW for Reprographics, Digital Printing and Commercial Printing.

These supply arrangement agreements between the PWGSC or other government departments, as arranged on their behalf by the PWGSC, and suppliers are non-binding. Under these agreements, we provide them with services and goods on an "as requested" basis. As qualified suppliers in the National Capital Region, we offer our printing services to the government by providing custom quotes or bidding on government contracts. Contact us if you would like to learn more.