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Our Partner Program

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge partner program! As an online printing company, joining forces with us means unlocking exclusive benefits, innovative collaborations, and a powerhouse alliance that propels both your brand and ours to new heights in the dynamic world of printing partnerships.

Partner program benefits with Newprint

Why Join Newprint's Partner Program

By joining our online printing company's partner program, you gain access to exclusive discounts on premium printing services, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your projects. Additionally, enjoy the perks of co-branded marketing materials, enhancing your brand visibility and credibility. The program fosters a collaborative environment, providing you with strategic alliances and expanding your network, ultimately boosting your business growth and success.

Marketing Programs

Affiliate Program

Commission: 3-5% based on sales value

Open to Individuals and Businesses

Provided with banners and ad copy

Real-time tracking of sales

Monthly payments or base amount for withdrawal

Program limitations: None

Passive income opportunity

Become an Affiliate

Referral Program

$5 coupon for every successful referral

Open to everyone

Limited marketing material

Manual referral tracking

Coupon cards on popular brands

Works only for new customers

Earn credits for own purchases

Refer a Friend

Reseller Program

Commission: 5-15% on each order

Requires a formal partnership

Access to product documentation

Automated sales reports

Monthly payouts via bank transfer

Resellers must meet quotas

High-profit potential

Reseller Program

Supportive System

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Marketing Materials

We provide exclusive tools such as unique links, banners, and engaging content. Share these resources with your friends, followers, or visitors on your website, social media, emails, or any other platform of your choice.

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Tracking & Analytics

You can track your sales and commissions through the designated customer dashboard. This enables you to stay updated on your performance, referral status, and earned commissions.

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Payment Procedure

In accordance with our agreement, you will receive a commission for each successful sale or action, and we will ensure regular and timely payments to you.

A Stellar Reputation: Positive Reviews of Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a partner with Newprint?
You can join by registering for the selective program within the customer dashboard.
What is the difference between the Affiliate, Referral, and Reseller Programs?
The affiliate program lets you earn a commission by sharing Newprint products on Social Media, Websites, Paid Promotions, or Email Marketing. The referral program is for earning coupons by referring the Newprint products to friends through WhatsApp, SMS, or Email. The reseller program provides wholesale discounts to print brokers, copy shops, graphic designers, publishers, marketing agencies, and others.
Are there any fees or costs associated with joining the partner programs?
No, There are no fees or costs in any of the partner programs.
How are sales and referrals tracked?
You can monitor your sales and commissions at the dedicated affiliate customer dashboard. This lets you stay informed about your performance, referral status and earned commissions.
When and how will I receive my commissions or rewards?
For affiliates, All commissions you earn will be credited to your affiliate account. Once your commission balance reaches a minimum threshold of $100, we will initiate disbursements directly to your linked bank or PayPal account. Similarly, You'll get the coupon sent to your email for the referrals.
Is there a minimum payout threshold for commissions and rewards?
Yes, the minimum payout threshold is $100; once your commission balance reaches the threshold, we will initiate disbursements directly to your linked bank or PayPal account.
Can I participate in multiple partner programs simultaneously?
There are no restrictions. We welcome and encourage you all to participate in multiple partner programs and earn more.
Do you provide marketing materials or support for partners?
We regularly email affiliates updated marketing materials and resources.
Is there a limit to the number of referrals or sales I can make
There are no limits on the number of referrals or sales you make. We wholeheartedly encourage you to maximize your earnings and reach your full potential with our partner programs. Your success is our success, and we want you to benefit as much as possible from your efforts and referrals.
What kind of support do you offer to partners?
If you have questions or require support related to tracking, sales, commissions, or any other aspects of our partner Program, contact us at [email protected]
Can I participate in the partner programs if I am not a customer of Newprint?
Yes, you can participate in the partner programs even if you're not a Newprint customer.
Are there any restrictions on promotional methods or content in the Partner program?
One must avoid promoting products alongside illegal, offensive, or infringing content and refrain from making false claims. They should adhere to guidelines on trademark usage, accurately disclose their affiliate relationship, and comply with laws such as data protection regulations.
How can I track my performance as a partner?
You can monitor your performance, referral status and earned commissions on the dedicated section of the customer dashboard.
Are there any specific terms and conditions for the partner programs?
Make sure you do business well to keep Newprint's reputation. If you break any rules or try to mess with the program, your participation might be stopped or ended.

Should you have further questions about our Partner Program, please feel free to contact us.

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