Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2024

Graphic design trends
Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2024

To ensure your designs are up to date, you need to know what current design trends are here to stay and what the new 2024 graphic design trends will be.

There is no need to follow the trends blindly, but you want to know what everybody is doing to choose what you like and make your designs unique and trendy. These are the trends our designer team thinks you should consider for your designs in 2024.

Design Inspired by Nature

The idea of mimicking nature is not new in design. But soft, natural light, leafy patterns and earthy colours and tones are becoming a bigger and bigger trend. The pandemic is making our desire to connect with the nature dominant in our minds. If you are a designer, you may want to consider bringing nature to the ones looking at your work. The outside world is making its way inside the design, and it is a good thing that inspiration for following this 2024 graphic design trend is all around us, and will not be hard to find.

2024 graphic design trends - nature inspired design

Design by Alex Sanmartino.

Emojis in Design

Emojis are the medium we use to express our feelings when the words and the images are just not enough, enabling us to wink and smile even though the other person cannot see our face. Emojis encourage interaction and lighten the mood. Since they are everywhere, you have to be creative to find a new way to incorporate them in your design, but make sure the message is clear. :)

2024 graphic design trends - emojis in design

Design by Wunderbar! Branding and Sasha Kischenko.

Typography As a Statement

Typography is an essential part of design in the current graphic design trends. But it seems it may get even bigger and bolder. It looks like everything we were doing before might be transformed into 3D. The message will become more realistic; it will look like we can reach and touch it. This is the trend that will give you a lot of space for creativity. Typography is a big part of visual identity, and it should create an excellent experience for the user. There’s nothing wrong in going big in 2024.

2024 graphic design trends - typography as a statement

Design by Alejandro López Becerro.

Gold Elements

We have a blog post about adding a touch of luxury with foil stamping. Although gold is not the only option, it seems to remain the favourite. And the design trend for 2024 seems to be gold in combination with minimalistic design to create the expensive look, and combined with different materials to create the contrast.

2024 graphic design trends - gold design

Design by Studio Born.

Monochrome and Duotone Design

This trend is partly influenced by the increased use of illustrations and complex graphics. This helps the consumer not to be overwhelmed with too much going on in the design. For the designer, using a simple colour palette leaves more time to work on the design’s complex elements.

The other reason for monochrome and duotone design is that it is easier on the eyes. We are spending most of our time looking at screens, and these combinations look more relaxing. They are also creating a sense of structure and harmony.

2024 graphic design trends - monochrome and duotone design

Design by Marianne Girard.

Geometric and Abstract Shapes

It looks like designers like the use of individual geometric shapes that form a larger picture. Combining large blocks with intense colours and outlines is a great way to create an imaginative design. The abstract forms are the escape from reality that people are growing fond of. Everybody seems to like the idea that the big picture is more than a simple sum of its parts.

2024 graphic design trends - geometric shapes design

Design by Kemal Sanli.

Retro Futurism

There is something timeless in the book covers of old sci-fi books. Think bright colours and computer-inspired typography. We are feeling nostalgic for the past and still imagining the progressive future yet to come. Those two feelings are combined in retro futurism. This is the graphic design trend that is making its big comeback in 2024.

2024 graphic design trends - retro futurism

Design by Dmitry Mòói.

Authentic Representation

For this trend, we are hoping it will continue to grow in the future. Celebrating diversity is an essential part of creating the acceptance culture. The sameness is something every designer is trying to avoid. Highlighting different cultures, skin tones, ages, and personalities is an excellent way to make designs as unique as every person is.

21 graphic design trends - authentic representatio

Design by Tharinne Borba.

Socially Conscious Design

If there is one thing we have all learned in 2023, it is that the world needs to change. We have to take better care of ourselves, our community, and the environment. And everybody has to contribute. The message of unity and global responsibility should be incorporated into everything, including design.

2024 graphic design trends - socially conscious design

Design by Valentin Tkach.

We are hoping for 2024 to be very different than 2023. The world seems to be on hold, but it did not stop. There is still the need for new, exciting and inspirational things. We hope that these 2024 graphic design trends will inspire you, open up discussions and make you think, thus giving you some unique ideas in the process. You can accept them or decide that you don’t like them, it is up to you. We would like to hear your thought either way.

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