Adding These Elements Will Help You Create Custom Luxury Packaging

Close-up of a luxury packaging design, showing gold foil details on a black background,
Adding These Elements Will Help You Create Custom Luxury Packaging

Having luxury packaging will help the product look more high-end and attract attention. Here are the elements you can add to your packaging to achieve that.

Although we like to think that we are rational decision-makers, we often tend to make impulsive buying decisions based on the visual appeal of the packaging that attracts our attention. Also, we tend to connect luxury packaging design with high-end quality products. Since there are so many products on the market with similar features, customers will probably not decide based solely on the comparison of the products. That brings packaging into the spotlight of the decision-making process. Between the similar products, they will choose the one that looks better to them. And the packaging is the first thing they will see and associate with your product. Making your custom luxury boxes more noticeable will help them decide to your advantage.

Foil Printing for High-End Packaging

Foil printing means applying pigmented or metallic foil onto a solid surface with a heated die. It is becoming the preferred method of giving a sophisticated look to product packaging. Foil printing can be used on large areas or to emphasize certain design details.

Close-up of gold foil details printed on a luxury packaging.
Gold foil logo printed on a black luxury packaging box.

Although gold foil printing is probably the most popular choice, followed by silver, foil printing comes in a wide range of colours. This adds to the versatility, as you can use different colours for different product categories.

Three small custom luxury boxes made of kraft paper, with green foil details and black text printed on them.
Close-up of green foil printed details on a kraft paper luxury packaging.

It Will Make Your Custom Luxury Packaging Superior

To make the customers pay attention, you have to make your packaging different and memorable. And foil printing will do just that. More premium looking packaging will increase the perceived value of your products. It will be harder to ignore and forget, which is very important in today’s competitive market. To make it even more noticeable, you can combine foiling with embossing.

Close-up of a luxury packaging design, showing gold foil and emboss details.

To make sure your design with foil printing will look as you intended, read our guide for setting up a print-ready file.

Two cube-shaped custom luxury boxes for cosmetic products, printed in black and gold.

Embossing Will Add Another Dimension to Your Packaging

Embossing means raising the surface of your design to give it some depth. As mentioned, it goes well in combination with foiling, as well as on its own. Although it may appear very deep visually, it does not affect the packaging size.

Cube-shaped luxury packaging for cosmetic product with an emboss detail.

Debossing is Also Possible

Debossing is the opposite process to embossing. It means imprinting into your packaging, thus creating a pressed-in effect. These two effects are great for logos and other small design details.

Pantone Colours for Sophisticated Precision

Are you wondering - what is Pantone? Simply told, it is a colour standard that ensures to always get the same colour in print by using Pantone colour codes. This enables you to avoid printing mistakes, as the colour on your packaging will print exactly the same every time. The last thing you want on your custom luxury packaging is colour inconsistency. This plays an important role when a big number of your products are stacked on a shelf next to each other. Any colour shift would be very noticeable in this scenario.

Close-up of a CBD oil bottle and its luxury packaging, showing gold foil and Pantone colour printing details.

Make Sure Your Brand Colour is on Point

Pantone colours are spot colours. This means that the pre-mixed ink is used in its own reservoir on the printing machine, and this allows the printer to match the exact same colour you need. The primary use of Pantone colours is for branding, because nobody wants to get the wrong shade of their brand colours. And there is always a risk of that happening if you use standard 4-colour printing. Pantone colours will bring precision to your luxury packaging design, as they will consistently accurately reproduce in print.

Four thin custom luxury boxes laying flat on top of each other.

Spot UV Coating to Enhance the Design

UV coating is short for ultraviolet coating. This clear compound is applied to paper wet and then instantly dried by ultraviolet light. Spot UV coating refers to applying this coating layer to a specific area of a printed sheet. This is a very creative, yet simple way to bring your product packaging to another level. Adding spot UV coating will enhance the colours and enrich the design.

custom luxury boxes - A paperboard sheet with a box design printed on it.

UV Coating is an Eco-Friendly Option

If making sure your custom luxury boxes are not harmful to the environment is a part of your brand culture, you will be pleased to know that UV coating is free of solvents and does not emit volatile organic compounds when cured. This means that you can get premium looking product packaging without worrying about damaging the environment in the process.

Three  custom luxury boxes for socks next to each other, showing Pantone ink and spot UV printed details.

Knowing how to design the custom luxury boxes may be the one thing that will make your products noticeable on the shelves and differentiate them from the competition. Having recognizable packaging will place your company high in your customers’ minds and make them feel like they will get high-value products for their money. On our custom packaging page, you can see all the available options regarding retail product packaging. If you need to consult our team about your packaging, contact us to discuss your project.

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