Why You Should Make Custom Trading Cards

Trading cards box with custom trading cards showing inside.
Why You Should Make Custom Trading Cards

Do you know why you should make custom trading cards? We are all used to sports trading cards and gaming cards, but can you think of marketing-oriented uses?

When we hear someone talking about trading cards, the first thing that comes to mind is collecting the ones with sports stars on them. And the fantastic prices some of them can reach. As it is with anything collectible. Or maybe Magic: The Gathering playing cards, if you were ever part of a gaming world as I was. The magic of different decks, candy bars with the card in them... not knowing which one you will get, will it go well with the deck you have. All the possible combinations, beautiful illustrations. Hours of fun with my friends. People are even making money in tournaments if they are good enough. Which, of course, I was not, as most of us aren't. But I love those memories.

Back to our subject, we all know what trading cards are. But the question is, do you know how you can use them for your business? In this blog post, we will mention conventional and less traditional reasons to make custom trading cards.

When to make custom trading cards

Professional sports teams

If you are part of the professional sports industry, you probably don't need me to tell you about the merits of trading cards. You know how well-received they are among the fans. But, what I can tell you is to choose your supplier carefully. Make sure your trading cards are on the same professional level as the players you want to promote. People want to have a quality product in their hands that can withstand the wear and tear. They will likely increase in value over time, so you want to ensure their longevity to entice people to invest in them.

Gaming industry

Quality is critical when it comes to trading cards in the gaming industry. Gamers will probably use them often and repeatedly over a long time period. Board games and card games are known to evoke strong emotions, so they might even be thrown around a bit. You want your customers to have a completely immersive experience and not worry about their trading cards. They will appreciate the excellent quality and reward you with their trust, returning to your products and choosing them over some less quality ones. It is not enough to have a beautiful design. You need a quality print and materials that can enhance the beauty of the design.

A gaming deck of trading cards with the top card showing a woman on the throne, holding a sword.

Are you involved with a recreational sports team?

It doesn't matter if it's a junior league or you are friends just having fun. Making trading cards with players on them will make you look pro. And who knows, some players might get famous, and the card symbolizing their beginnings might become an expensive collectible. But even if that doesn't happen, your community will surely enjoy this little touch. And if there are children involved, they are sure to love it.

custom trading card with a hokey player on it with trading cards box next to it.

Custom trading cards for junior football league with trading cards box next to them.

Are you a non-profit that wants to raise awareness?

You can make custom trading cards for that. They can be both fun and educational. There's a reason flashcards are a popular choice for learning new things—especially for children. But adults also use them. A combination of images and short text information will make remembering easier.

Custom trading card with a turtle on it and a deck of trading cards below.

Make custom trading cards to promote your products

Do you have new products or services you want to ensure your customers know about? You can use trading cards to promote them. People who are already buying your other products are more likely also to like the rest of your offer. Pairing promotional cards with existing products will ensure that your marketing efforts reach an interested audience and that your hard earn money is well-spent.

Hand them out at trade shows

Everywhere we go, we get flyers and prospects that promote businesses. You can use trading cards to do the same thing in a more unique and memorable way.

Pair them with your products to create a unique experience

You can make collectible trading cards to up the sales of some products. Most people enjoy collecting. Choose a topic that goes well with your image and have fun with it. Are you selling coffee? Make trading cards with different beans or different cups. Just make sure people know they can collect all of them. Remember I mentioned candy bars with Magic: The Gathering trading cards? I do love candy, but I bought so many more chocolate bars than I usually would just to get the cards inside. Make the card interesting and/or beautiful enough for people to want to collect them all, and your sales will increase.

Make trading cards for company events

Adding trading cards can make your company events and team building more fun. Having trading cards can help your employees get to know each other better. But they can also help them familiarize themselves with the company's values, goals, products, and services.

Custom trading cards for a company event with the trading cards box next to them.

Extra tips

Choose the right lamination

The lamination you choose should fit the theme of the cards and your brand. The design will look different with gloss or matte lamination. Matte lamination will give it a more natural look, while gloss lamination will make it more vibrant. Soft touch lamination will make it look more high-end.

Up the game with trading card boxes

If you decide to make custom trading cards, adding a trading card box to your cards will make them look more professional. It will also keep them safe and help them stay in one place.

Trading cards box with a custom trading card leaning on it.

Make reunions different

Do you want your high-school reunion to be fun and unique? Make trading cards for it. You can put pictures of your classmates with some fun facts about them on the cards. Paired with a trading card box, they will be perfect for long-lasting memorabilia. You can even compare where you all were 5 or 10 years ago. They can even help you keep the conversation going by giving you insider information about your classmates' interests.

We hope you got some good ideas on how to use trading cards to help your business, and we have helped you understand that any product, including trading cards, can be used in different ways. Yes, there are ways we are more used to seeing, but you can always be creative and choose to make custom trading cards for something more unusual. Do you have more ideas? Let us know.

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