Power of Waterproof Printing: Perfect for Postcards, Menus, Brochures & More!

Synaps XM Paper
Power of Waterproof Printing: Perfect for Postcards, Menus, Brochures & More!

The paper you select may significantly impact the quality of your printed materials. Print experts and small to medium-sized organizations should use Waterproof Paper. In this blog, we'll explain why Waterproof Paper is ideal for your printing needs, covering its benefits, applications, and limitations.

Polyester plastic is used to create the synthetic paper. It blends the strength of plastic with the appearance and texture of standard paper. Because of this, it is ideal for a wide range of printing applications, particularly those requiring durable and resistant prints. Waterproof paper ensures your prints stay vibrant and durable over time, whether printing menus, catalogues, door hangers, or direct mail.


Cost-Effective and Durable Prints

The affordability of Waterproof Paper is one of its main advantages. Although it may initially cost a bit more than regular paper, the investment will eventually pay for itself. This paper is quite durable, so you won't need to reprint items as frequently. This is especially useful for things like menus, manuals, and direct mail that are handled often and must withstand various conditions.

Smooth Finish and No Lamination Issues

Waterproof paper has a smooth, high-quality finish that makes your printed materials look great. In contrast with traditional paper, which frequently requires lamination, Waterproof paper doesn't need it. This prevents frequent lamination issues such as bubbles, peeling, and wrinkling. When your prints leave the printer, they will be of the finest quality.


Waterproof paper is versatile, making it ideal for printing projects. Here are some of the main ways you can use it:


Menu printed on Waterproof Paper

Restaurants need their menus to present their food in the best way possible. However, wet rings left from cups or greasy appetizers make it hard to keep them looking nice for long.

Restaurants are also concerned about the number of people they pass to and from because of germs. Synaps XM solves this problem as it can be cleaned with mild soap and water, preventing stains and, more importantly, germs from spreading.

Plant Stakes

plant stakes printed on Waterproof Paper

Plants are lovely, but if you've ever gardened, you know things can get wet and muddy. So, how would a garden center add a tag without ruining the plant?

Synaps XM Paper offers a solution with its plant stakes—tags equipped with a small stake at the bottom that can be securely placed in soil. This ensures essential plant information remains intact and visible even in wet and muddy environments.

Key Tags

key tags print on Waterproof Paper

If you leave your car at a maintenance repair shop or give your keys to a valet, you will see they have added a tag to the key ring.

This is so that once you come to pick it up, they can know which key goes with your car. Synaps XM Paper's durability ensures these tags won't rip off easily, providing reliable identification for vehicles, boats, and other valuables.

Lock Out Tags

Waterproof paper is essential for the construction industry, especially for the safety of its workers. Lock-out tags are warning labels attached to electrical or other dangerous equipment that must be isolated and withstand harsh conditions. Synaps XM Paper meets this need, providing solid and waterproof tags that ensure critical safety messages remain intact and visible.

Outdoor Brochures

brochure printed on Waterproof Paper

If your trip involves rafting at a national park or a family trip to the waterpark, you should take advantage of the activities there.

Many activity-based parks use waterproof brochures to locate all the main attractions. Another reason this paper benefits the outdoors is its ability to stay in direct sunlight for up to two years before starting to fade.

Product Tags

product tags printed on Waterproof Paper

Imagine walking into a boutique where every item tells a story. The hang tags, made from Synaps XM Paper, display branding and pricing and embody durability and style. They withstand handling with ease, maintaining a crisp appearance that improves the overall presentation of your products. With Synaps XM, your tags don't just label—they elevate your brand with modern, professional appeal.

Table Tents

Table tents are essential in restaurants and at events. They need to be sturdy and look good, which is where Synaps XM Paper shines. Due to its durability and fine finishing, Synaps XM Paper can benefit table tents.

Manuals and Catalogs

When a customer is browsing through a well-organized catalogue or flipping through a comprehensive manual, each page printed on Waterproof Paper exudes quality and durability. Unlike traditional paper, Waterproof paper ensures that these manuals and catalogs look impressive and withstand frequent handling and reference.

For businesses, this durability is invaluable. Whether it's a product catalog that showcases your offerings or a detailed manual that guides users through processes, Synaps XM Paper ensures longevity. Customers can refer to these materials repeatedly without worrying about wear and tear affecting their usability.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers printed on Waterproof Paper

Imagine approaching your front door and finding a vibrant, eye-catching door hanger. Made from Synaps XM Paper, it's more than just a promotional piece—it's a durable statement that easily withstands outdoor elements.

Whether rain, wind, or sunlight, Synaps XM Paper ensures that your door hangers remain resilient and visually appealing over time. They maintain their vibrant colours and crisp print quality, making a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

For businesses, this durability is invaluable. Whether it's a product catalogue that showcases your offerings or a detailed manual that guides users through processes, Waterproof Paper ensures longevity. Customers can refer to these materials repeatedly without worrying about wear and tear affecting their usability.

Direct Mail

Direct mail pieces printed on Synaps XM Paper make a lasting impression on recipients due to their high-quality finish and durability. This ensures that your marketing materials continue to represent your brand well.

Other Applications

Besides the main uses, Waterproof Paper is also great for:

  • Counter mats
  • Shelf talkers & wobblers
  • Aisle invaders
  • Membership & I.D. cards
  • Plant stakes
  • Recipe cards

Limitations of Waterproof Paper

While Synaps XM Paper offers impressive advantages, it's essential to understand its limitations to determine if it fits your specific printing requirements.

Inkjet Incompatibility

Think of Waterproof Paper as a specialized tool—it works best with laser printers and offset printing machines. If you rely heavily on inkjet printers, you might encounter challenges. Inkjet printers operate by spraying ink onto the paper, relying on absorbency. Synaps XM's polyester composition, optimized for toner-based printers, doesn't absorb ink the same way. This mismatch could affect print quality and durability, prompting consideration of alternative printing materials that better suit your setup.

Not Biodegradable

Synaps XM Paper's strength lies in its polyester plastic composition, which offers durability and water resistance. However, because it's not biodegradable, it poses environmental considerations. For businesses and individuals prioritizing sustainability, this non-biodegradability could be a concern. While Synaps XM's longevity reduces reprint needs, it's essential to balance these benefits against environmental impact and explore eco-friendly alternatives where possible.

Specific Use Cases

Marathon Bib Tagsmarathon bib tags printed on Waterproof Paper

Imagine bib tags needing to be flexible to stay comfortable during a marathon. Synaps XM's stiffness might not provide the flexibility required for this application, where comfort and conformability are crucial.

Large Printed Banners

Large banners require lightweight yet sturdy materials for easy installation and durability outdoors. While Synaps XM Paper is strong, its stiffness and cost per square foot might limit its suitability for large banners compared to more flexible and cost-effective materials like vinyl or fabric.

Boxed Packaging

Packaging demands materials that can withstand stacking, transportation, and rough handling while protecting contents. Waterproof Paper's tear resistance is commendable but may lack the structural rigidity required for boxed packaging. Materials like corrugated cardboard or specific plastics are typically preferred for packaging due to their strength and versatility.


Waterproof paper is an excellent option for small and medium-sized enterprises and print specialists. Its numerous applications, perfect finishing, and affordable pricing make it a wise investment. Just be sure to weigh its drawbacks - like its incompatibility with inkjet printers and lack of biodegradability when deciding if it will fulfill your unique requirements.

Choosing Waterproof paper from Newprint ensures that your printed materials are beautiful and built to last. Explore our range of products today and experience the Synaps XM difference for yourself.

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