Customer Service

Customer Service

We consider it our privilege to offer our customers a unique experience. We are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. Regardless of who we are working with, being courteous, responsive, and helpful at all times are priorities to ensure best-in-class service.

Even though you are ordering your printing through a website, at Newprint you are still dealing with people. Real people. We have a team of experienced, trained customer service personnel, and all of us pride ourselves in providing you with top-notch service, greater convenience, and high quality.

Our team of customer service professionals is here to help your team achieve success. We are available to provide suggestions, alternatives, and more choices to best serve your needs. As we continue to add more printing products, options, and useful services like graphic design, we create more possibilities for better helping your business.


Everything we do is designed with you in mind. Our website was created to be intuitive and easy to use, which is why we included the following key features:

Customer dashboard

Get information on all of your current and previous printing jobs in one convenient location. From your dashboard you can view and print estimates and invoices, place reorders, get real-time job tracking, and more.


Our pre-press technicians will inspect your uploaded files to ensure they will print correctly. You can choose between an online PDF proof or a hard copy proof. This process allows you to ensure you have uploaded the correct file and that all of the information is correct.


Our site is here to be your resource for everything related to printing. We provide valuable information through FAQs, blog posts, and articles. Free Newprint templates and access to our extensive design library.


Our shipping tool makes it easy to split your order into multiple shipments all going to different destinations. The Address Book allows you to save contacts and addresses to better manage your shipment.

Pricing Calculator

It's all about convenience! You can get an instant price by selecting your desired specifications, and your order can be placed directly from the Pricing Calculator. You can also add, remove, or change options to compare prices to see what will fit your needs and budget.

Custom Orders

We offer a wide array of products and hundreds of options to choose from, but for those with truly unique projects, a custom order with Newprint will suit your needs. Submitting a custom estimate with us is easy and convenient.