Best Practices for Effective Hang Tag Design in the Fashion Industry

Best Practices for Effective Hang Tag Design in the Fashion Industry
Best Practices for Effective Hang Tag Design in the Fashion Industry

In the world of fashion, every little detail matters. Imagine this: while you explore a clothing rack, what catches your eye? Proper insider knowledge is found in the little hang tags that swing off the clothing, even though colours and patterns are crucial. They do more than just blend in; they act as your stylist, promoting the brand and bragging about the clothes.

Clothing Hang Tags are the unsung heroes of the fashion business; they mix advertising potential with utility in an innovative manner. Apart from offering essential information regarding sizing and product maintenance, they also serve as brand representatives by prominently showcasing striking logos and patterns that leave a lasting impression. Despite their simple appearance, these little tags have a considerable impact—with every swing, they increase sales and brand identity.

Top Fashion Brands Hang Tags and Their Designs

Leading fashion brands understand the significance of hang tags in conveying their brand identity. Every business, from high-end brands to modern designers, uses Hang tags for Clothing to highlight their distinct aesthetic and core principles. Some brands, for instance, choose simple designs with prominent logos, while others draw attention to themselves with elaborate artwork and eye-catching colours.




Benefits of Hang Tags

Hang tags offer numerous benefits for fashion businesses:

Increasing the Brand Image:

Well-designed hang tags increase a garment's perceived worth and support the brand's elegance and high-quality image. Imagine walking by a rack of clothes. A plain tag might make you think, "cute top," but a beautifully designed hang tag with your logo and branding instantly uplifts the perception of quality and value.

Information About the Product:

The hang tags on your clothes are like little instruction manuals. They can give your customers exact details about the product, such as the size, available colours, and fabric type. This allows customers to choose the desired product and increases trust in your brand's authenticity.


Price information on hang tags makes it easier for customers to shop by allowing them to quickly determine how affordable a product is.


Hang tags can also be used to mention any deal and discount that is going on. In this way, these tags will entice customers to buy.

Size & Material:

To further enhance transparency, hang tags can contain general information regarding the outfit size and the materials used in production.

How To Design Hang Tags for Apparel and Accessories

When designing hang tags for apparel and accessories, consider the following tips:

Minimal Design:

Select a layout that captures the essence of your brand and is simple and obvious. Remember to keep the design simple and use your business colours and logo.

Utilize Both Sides:

Utilise as much space as possible by placing information on the hang tag's front and back. These could be product characteristics, brand stories, or maintenance guidelines.

Care Information:

To assist clients in extending the life of their clothing, include care instructions on the hang tag. This not only adds value to the product but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Tips for Choosing Perfect Hang Tags for Your Clothing Business

When selecting hang tags for your clothing business, consider the following factors:

Type of Hang Tag

When considering hang tags for products, there are two main options: Regular Hang Tags and Foldable Hang Tags. Regular hang tags have limited information capacity and feature a classic design style. They are generally more cost-effective and compact. On the other hand, foldable hang tags can hold more information and have an original and creative design. However, they may cost a little more and require extra space. Ultimately, the decision is based on the specific requirements and preferences of the brand and product.


Selecting suitable materials is the first step in creating a statement with your hang tags. Using thicker cardstock—ideally 130 lb. or more—guarantees longevity and durability, protecting your hang tags from deterioration. Because of their strength, your products seem more durable, highlighting their high quality and value.

Furthermore, choosing paper with a smooth surface gives it an elegant appearance and feel. In addition to being pleasing to the touch, the smooth surface enhances your items' polished and professional aspects, improving their presentation and branding. Investing in high-quality materials such as smooth-finished paper and thicker cardstock will allow you to make durable hang tags and give off an air of quality and craftsmanship, creating a lasting impression on your customers.


Eco-friendly retail Hang tags such as sustainable papers for hang tags and vegetable inks are a step towards reducing fashion's harmful environmental impact.


When it comes to hang tags, size matters! For more petite tags (1.5"x2.5" to 2"x3.5"), think compact and efficient—perfect for brand names, sizes, and care instructions. Medium tags (2.5"x3.5" to 3"x5") offer a bit more room, great for material details, website URLs, and quick descriptions. And if you need to go big, opt for larger tags (3.5"x6.5" and up) for washing instructions, social media handles, and even QR codes for interactive experiences. Just remember, choose the size that fits your design needs and the amount of info you want to share!

Hole Drill & String

Now, let's discuss hole drilling and stringing for hang tags—a small detail that makes a big difference! When it comes to where to drill that hole, aim for the top center. It's balanced and easy on the eyes and keeps your tag neat. And for the size? Think around 0.25 inches (¼ inch)—just the right size for threading through string or ribbon. Avoid those pesky top corners and multiple holes; they can mess with your tag's vibe.

And whatever you do, remember the hole altogether! Otherwise, you'll need an extra step to attach it. Keep it simple and bright, and your hang tags will be ready to shine!

Why Print Hang Tags with Newprint

Level up your clothing line with hang tags from Newprint!

  • Our top-notch printing ensures your hang tags look as professional and detail-oriented as your clothes.
  • From size to style, you can customize everything to match your unique brand identity perfectly.
  • We use sustainable materials and printing practices, attracting customers who care about the planet.


Hang tags are more than just labels, to put it briefly. They can increase consumer awareness of your business, provide them with all the information they require, and even encourage them to purchase your exquisite clothing. Collaborate with a fantastic printing company like Newprint and use innovative design techniques. You can make those hang tags become silent salespeople who make a good impression on everyone who sees them.

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