Understanding the Significance of Scented Printing

What is Scented Printing
Understanding the Significance of Scented Printing

To be successful in marketing and brand promotion, one must stand out from the crowd. Traditional advertising techniques might get attention, but what if there was a way to appeal to additional senses and create an impression that persisted long after the content was removed? Here comes scented printing—a fresh and creative technique that gives printed documents an aromatic quality, turning them into multisensory encounters that engage audiences in new ways.

Imagine getting an advertisement that smells like cookies or glancing through a brochure and smelling the seashore. That's scented printing—a revolutionary that gives the narrative a fresh perspective. The aroma helps brands stand out in crowded markets by fostering deeper connections and unforgettable experiences. The choices are numerous, ranging from clothes tags to travel brochures. Although this cutting-edge technology is still new, it has the potential to significantly influence how we interact with the world in the future. Take a smell the next time you pick up something printed; you might be surprised.

Why Embrace Scented Printing?

In today's competitive landscape, where brands vie for attention in an ever-crowded marketplace, differentiation is critical. Scented printing offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Elevate Brand Experiences: Create a deeper connection with your audience by weaving scent into the brand narrative. This sensory association fosters stronger brand recall and emotional attachment. Picture a sample of perfume infused with the signature aroma of the business tucked in next to an enticing brochure. Beyond only the sights, this multimodal experience creates an imprint that lasts long after the interaction.
  • Unveil a Touch of Luxury: Add a touch of elegance to your brand to make it seem better. Using delicate smells on garment tags, akin to an upscale clothes boutique reflecting its brand identity and making a lasting impact on discerning clients, scented printing provides an aura of exclusivity.
  • Spark Engagement and Memory: Unleash the power of scent! Items with strong scents are likelier to draw attention and evoke strong feelings. Imagine a real estate brochure that discreetly smells like cut grass, bringing prospective buyers comfort and strengthening connections.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Scented printing provides a distinctive approach to setting your business out in today's visually rich world. Imagine going to a trade event where your business card sticks out from the typical stack due to its refreshing citrus aroma, attracting the attention of potential partners and making a lasting impression.

Examples of Scented Printing

Scented printing adds an extra sensory experience to a wide range of printed materials, making them more engaging and memorable. It can be used on various items, including:

  • Advertising materials: Calendars, packaging, promotional publications
  • Invitations and greetings: Invitation cards, greeting cards
  • Other printed items: Wobblers, wrapping paper, book covers

Demystifying the Process: How Does Scented Printing Work?

Are you curious about the technical wizardry behind scented printing? It's a blend of creativity and cutting-edge technology:

Fragrance Burst Inks

At Newprint, we're revolutionizing the print world by adding an extra dimension—scent. Gone are the days of flat, predictable printing. Our machine can print scents by incorporating fragrance directly into the printing process or by blending it into the ink or glue coating. Most importantly, we provide a selection of three top-notch scents: Kindling, Sweet Citrus Aroma, and Rosemary. Among them, Rosemary is invigorating. We apply the varnish onto the printed material from the offset plate, ensuring precision and uniqueness in the final printed product.

Techniques for Scent Infusion

When it comes to scent infusion, we go beyond the basics. While fragrance burst inks offer a delightful surprise, there are other techniques like:

  • Scent-Infused Inks

Scented ink is a type of ink that incorporates fragrances alongside the colouring pigments. This allows the ink to not only print vivid colours but also emit a specific scent when used. These fragrances are carefully chosen and blended with the ink to ensure they don't affect the colour quality and have long-lasting potency. This technology is used to create a multi-sensory experience for the user, potentially enhancing brand recognition and product appeal.

  • Aromatic Glues

Aromatic glues are adhesives infused with pleasant fragrances. These scents are typically subtle but long-lasting, designed to be noticeable upon application without overpowering. This adds an extra dimension to the gluing experience, potentially making it more enjoyable and memorable for the user.

  • Varnish with a Twist

Varnish with a twist, also known as scented varnish, elevates ordinary printed materials by incorporating visual and olfactory elements. This special varnish protects and enhances the visual appeal of surfaces and subtly releases delicate fragrances upon application. This unique combination leaves a lasting impression, making it particularly suitable for high-end brochures and elegant packaging, where a multi-sensory experience can significantly enhance brand perception and value.

Scented Varnishes & Scented Printing

Scented varnishes and scented printing are two primary methods of incorporating fragrance into printed materials. While both techniques add an olfactory dimension to print media, they operate in distinct ways, each offering unique advantages and applications.

Scented Varnishes: Elevating the Surface

This method applies clear coatings containing fragrance capsules to the printed image. These capsules are fragrant and break open upon scratching or rubbing, releasing the scent. Scented varnishes offer an interactive olfactory experience, as the fragrance is released upon interaction with the printed material. This makes them suitable for applications such as children's books, magazines, and packaging, where sensory engagement is desired.

Scented Printing: Infusing Fragrance Within

In this method, the entire printed image is infused with a subtle scent during the printing process. The fragrance is seamlessly integrated into the ink or substrate, ensuring the scent permeates the entire printed material. The scent lasts 18-24 months, offering a long-lasting olfactory experience. Unlike scented varnishes, scented printing releases its aroma continuously, even without external interaction. This technique is commonly employed in high-end packaging and marketing materials to create a luxurious sensory experience.

Benefits of Scented Printing

There are many benefits that scented printing provides for companies looking to make a lasting impression:

Enhanced Marketing Power

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, scented printing appeals to people's strong sense of smell, which promotes deeper engagement and better brand recall. Consider a coffee brand that stands out from the competition on packed shelves thanks to packaging filled with the alluring aroma of freshly roasted beans. This would immediately attract potential buyers' attention and leave a lasting impression.

One such example is the use of the scent "Kindling." If you've ever visited Miami or stayed at any of the many hotels in Florida embracing this new scent trend, you might be familiar with its alluring aroma. Designed initially for the 1-Hotel South Beach by Scent Marketing Inc. in New York, Kindling transports guests to a cozy fireside setting with its warm and comforting fragrance. The scent leaves a lasting impression, evoking feelings of relaxation and luxury. This successful implementation showcases the power of scent in enhancing brand experiences and creating memorable moments for consumers.

Anti-Counterfeiting Potential

Beyond just marketing, scented printing provides an extra degree of protection. The distinct aroma profile is an "olfactory fingerprint," preventing product replication and preserving brand identity. Creating a brand-specific fragrance akin to high-class perfumes presents a formidable challenge for counterfeiters due to its unique and uncopiable nature. Top companies can use this cutting-edge technology in the fashion and fragrance industries to prevent counterfeiting and protect their priceless intellectual property.


At Newprint, we're not just about printing; we're about crafting unforgettable experiences. Harnessing the power of scent in branding and engagement, we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of three top-notch fragrances. Whether you desire a zesty citrus burst, a comforting embrace of vanilla, or a scent uniquely tailored to your brand, we have the perfect match to evoke emotions and elevate your brand perception.

Ready to elevate your brand with scented printing? Don't wait any longer. Explore our custom product packaging options at Newprint and embark on a sensory journey that will set your brand apart from the rest.

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