What Does Customized Packaging Mean?

What Does Customized Packaging Mean?

Are you wondering how to make your own packaging more attractive? Customization is the answer. Understanding how to customize packaging is essential.


Product packaging is an essential part of branding for every business. It can make your product look special and unique to your customers, and it is important for protecting and storing your product. It is hard to be noticed when your packaging looks just the same as everybody else’s. Although standard packaging might seem like an easier option, having packaging that is tailored to your needs is always a good idea. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the packaging is the first thing a potential customer will see.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging means that the packaging is designed around your product to make it fit perfectly rather than choosing a ready-made packaging that the product might fit into.

Adding elements like your company logo, colours, and slogan will make your product stand out on the shelves and get noticed. This will make your customized packaging a visually appealing representation of your brand for your customers. Being recognizable will result in more sales and more loyalty for the brand.

What Can You Customize in Your Own Packaging?

In short, you can customize packaging by making any element fit your product best.

You can choose size and dimensions so that the packaging best fits your product. This will create a pleasant unboxing experience. Little or no movement of the product inside the packaging means the best possible protection. If you customize packaging to fit perfectly, it will make storing the product easier and more efficient. One size does not fit all.

Having a custom design for your own packaging will make a positive and lasting impact on your customers. If you choose to personalize your product packaging, it will raise brand awareness. Your company logo and colours will make your product recognizable. Even if it is a new product, when packaging branding is done right, it will get noticed by loyal customers because they will know that it comes from you. Having a great product is important, but if you customise packaging, it can increase the perceived value. Reading our customized packaging Tips might help you do that. Having generic and boring packaging will attract no one.

Choosing the right style of packaging plays a huge role in how it is perceived. Read more about choosing customized packaging to get a better understanding of the possible options. Maybe your product has an unusual shape and cannot fit into generic boxes. Or the product will need to be visible inside the closed packaging. These are questions to be discussed with the printer when you decide to customize packaging to create the best possible packaging solution tailored to your specific needs.

Choosing the suitable material for your packaging is also something to be discussed with the printer. Your product’s specifications will highly influence the choice. Is the product light or heavy? Is there any special requirement regarding storage and transportation? Or maybe you are an environmentally conscious company that requires recycled materials in your own packaging. The printing company will have an experienced team of experts to help you make an informed decision that will help you customize packaging to best fit your product.

Extra tip: if having a fully customized packaging is a decision that you are not yet ready to make, your packaging can be more unique by adding customized labels (cut to finished size or roll labels) and hang tags, to show appreciation for your customers and raise brand awareness.

We hope this blog post has helped you understand how to make your own packaging more attractive with customization. You can see available options for customized packaging on our product packaging page. Or you can contact us to discuss your project.

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